POTCAR get_potcar_hash number list

Dear Madam/Sir,

I would like to compare energies of my calculated systems to those in MaterialsProject, but it is unclear to me which POTCAR files are used in MaterialsProject.

For example, for C element, the label of POTCAR is shown as “C”
However, the following C POTCAR file in potpaw_PBE-v54 and potpaw-06Jul11 are different but with the same headers as follows

PAW_PBE C 08Apr2002

Indeed, the get_potcar_hash in PotcarSingle class in pymatgen returns different values. In some cases, they show different energies.

So, could you let me know where we can check the get_potcar_hash numbers or theversion of POTCAR is used for materials project (e.g., potpaw-06Jul11 or potpaw-19Apr12).

Thanks in advance.