potentials for LGS or LGT?

Dear LAMMPS users and developers,

We would like to be able to draw phonon dispersion curves and phonon density of states for langasite (LGS) or langatate (LGT) classes of materials, a priori using LAMMPS (we are particularly interested in three phonon interaction processes hence want to use a method that is not restricted to the harmonic approximation). We have searched the journals to which we have access, to try to find papers providing interaction potentials for these kind of materials but without success. We have also tried to parameterize a BKS type of potential for LGS but also without success up to now.

I know it is not a LAMMPS specific question, but since LAMMPS has a strong community of users, I am wishing that among all of you, I have a non negligible chance to find at least one person who would either have some reference that we have overlooked to give to us, or is currently trying to find the same parameterization and would be willing to join forces or maybe cooperate with us once (s)he would have published her/his results?