[Pourbaix diagram] Reference of the ion energies


I have a question on the Pourbaix diagram app. When I load a specific Pourbaix diagram, and try to look at the reference of each ion energies by clicking on the book icon, it just shows “citation ion-0”. Is there a way to find the reference information of each of the ion energies that were used for building the Pourbaix diagrams in MP?

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Hi @KyuJung_Jun, thanks for pointing out this glitch. We are in the process of developing an updated site and will make sure the new Pourbaix app shows references correctly.

We have recently migrated all the ion reference data to portal.mpcontribs.org. If you go to that site, click “Browse” and then log in (you may have to make a new account), you can open the “Aqueous Ion Reference Data” project to see all the data in tabular form, with links to the associated references.

The majority of the ion reference energies are taken from the NIST NBS Tables, .pdfs of which are available via the links on the MPContribs project or by googling.

I hope that helps!