Pourbaix Diagram

Hi to all,
I am lost with new Pymatgen code. I used to work with the previous and with the examples I could obtain the stability Pourbaix diagram. Now I am trying but I have some problems… First I can obtain the Pourbaix diagram per se:

from mp_api.client import MPRester
from pymatgen.analysis.pourbaix_diagram import PourbaixDiagram,
ELEMENTS_HO, PourbaixPlotter

mpr = MPRester(… MY ID…)

entry = mpr.get_entries(“mp-2647047”)[0]
composition = entry.composition
comp_dict = {str(key): value for key,
value in composition.items() if key not in ELEMENTS_HO}

data = mpr.get_pourbaix_entries(list(comp_dict.keys()))

pbx = PourbaixDiagram(data, comp_dict = comp_dict, filter_solids = True)
plt = PourbaixPlotter(pbx).get_pourbaix_plot()

But I am trying to obtain the stability diagram just by coding:

plt = PourbaixPlotter(pbx).plot_entry_stability(data)

(I also change in this last line data with entry or something, but I can’t obtain the desired graph).

Thank you