Precompiled multi-arch LAMMPS binaries for macOS

Dear LAMMPS users,

We are currently exploring how to build serial LAMMPS binaries for macOS similar to the statically linked all-Linux binaries.

Both efforts have two main goals: 1) provide a simple path to get to a LAMMPS binary with most functionality included that can be used in tutorials. 2) have a known reference implementation that was compiled in a known environment by a person experienced in compiling LAMMPS. If somebody encounters a bug while using an older version of LAMMPS (e.g. because homebrew or macports have not been updated yet), it can be quickly checked, if the bug can still be reproduced with a current version.

After Linux we’re now looking at macOS. As a first test, I have created a compressed tar file with multi-arch macOS binaries. For portability reasons, those are compiled without MPI and multi-threading, but should run correctly on any macOS machine (64-bit x86 or ARM) running macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later.

The archive is located at
This was created on my desktop machine running Linux(!), so I would appreciate it very much, if people here that have a machine running macOS (desktop or laptop) would download it, unpack the archive and try to run the executable (it is located in the bin folder). The bench folder is in share/lammps/bench and includes a variety of (old) LAMMPS inputs using a variety of pair styles.

Please report any successes or failures by replying to this message and don’t forget to include to mention which macOS version you are using (reporting the output of ./lammps-multiarch/bin/lmp -h | grep OS: would suffice).

Thanks in advance.

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I have ran all the in files in the bench folders and they ran successfully.
OS: Darwin 22.5.0 x86_64

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