Presenting to a Battery Data Commons Team

Hello OPTIMADE devs,

I am organizing an effort to bring together groups developing databases for battery data (e.g., cycling tests) with the goal of creating an open ecosystem.

Over the year or so of discussions, the solution we’ve come up with shares a lot of traits with OPTIMADE.

Would one of you be willing to come talk to our group about OPTIMADE? We’re still tackling questions about what an API could look like, best practices on describing many kinds of data, and creating an open forum that encourages new members. Hearing about these issues from OPTIMADE would help shape our future plans.

We meet on a video conference weekly at 2 PM EDT (8 PM CEST) on Tuesday and can be flexible with the time if you need. Scheduling is tricky as we have members in 7 time zones, but I’d be happy to coordinate if needed.


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Hi Logan,

Thanks for reaching out, I think many people would be interested in this (I have sent you a direct message with my own non-OPTIMADE interest :)).

It may be useful to know that we are hosting our annual workshop (CECAM - Open Databases Integration for Materials Design) this week (starting in 20 minutes!) so there are plenty of people around in “OPTIMADE mode” if you wanted some more informal chat. You may still be able to sign up, otherwise let us know and we can get you into some relevant sessions, should you desire.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Matthew!

Would you be willing to present late June or early July?

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the OPTIMADE this week (having to catch up on some stuff after DOE proposal season).


I could do early(ish) July, if this is meant to line up with your meetings then Tuesday 13th would work for me?

July 13th works great for us. I’ll get you some more details closer to then.