Problem in deleting Fireworks

hello everyone,

i have noticed that we can only delete workflows with below command

lpad delete_wflows [-i FW_ID] [-n NAME] [-s STATE] [-q QUERY]

and when i try to delete an individual firework with above command
It is deleting the entire workflow which i do not want at all

I want to delete individual fireworks for example i want to have a command like below
lpad delete_fws [-i FW_ID] [-n NAME] [-s STATE] [-q QUERY]

so that i can delete whatever firework i want …but there is no such command

how to get around this?

your help is highly appreciated !
thanks in advance

Well, I got around this problem using spec = {’_allow_fizzled_parents’ : True} in childs firework
so that child runs even when parents are fizzled apart from completed