Problem in downloading bulk_modulus, shear modulus

I was trying to download all kinds of modulus using the following code:

with MPRester(API_KEY) as mpr:
docs =[‘material_id’,‘k_voigt’, ‘k_reuss’, ‘k_vrh’, ‘g_voigt’, ‘g_reuss’, ‘g_vrh’ ])
mpids = [doc.material_id for doc in docs]
k_voigt=[doc.k_voigt for doc in docs]
k_reuss = [doc.k_reuss for doc in docs]
k_vrh=[doc.k_vrh for doc in docs]
g_voigt = [doc.g_voigt for doc in docs]
g_reuss=[doc.g_reuss for doc in docs]
g_vrh = [doc.g_vrh for doc in docs]

But I could not and got the following error message:
“‘k_voigt’ data is available but has not been requested in ‘fields’. A full list of unrequested fields can be found in fields_not_requested.” But it is clear that requested that inside fields. Is there any solution to this?

@Chowdhury_Mohammad_A See the response here: Not able to retrieve elasticity data - #5 by munrojm

– Jason