Problem of integration with pymongo v4


I have just installed fireworks (version: 1.9.7) on a centos8 (with pymongo 4.0), and it seems that the integration with pymongo v4 has a lot of problems.

Maybe you should think about restricting the version of pymongo in the installer.

I downgraded pymongo to 3.11.3 (the one I was using successfully before) and it works now.

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Thank you for reporting @David_Michea . We already have an open bug report on GitHub about this, and hopefully it can be addressed soon. You may want to subscribe to the open issue on GitHub in order to receive updates about it.

We have just released FireWorks v1.9.8 which will hopefully solve these issues. Please let us know if you continue to experience problems!

Actually I still got exception with FireWorks 2.0.3 and pymongo 4.x, solvable only by downgrade pymongo to 3.12. Unfortunately I didn’t keep error log to share, I’ll post it when I install FW next time on another cluster.