Problem on recalling reaxff

I installed 29 Sep 2021 LAMMPS version on Ubuntu with:

sudo apt-get install lmp

Now, I have some problem on recalling pair_style reaxff. I get an error:

Unrecognized pair style ‘reaxff’ is part of the REAXFF package which is not enabled in this LAMMPS binary. (src/force.cpp:278)

First, I tried lmp -help to see supported command lines, and unfortunately reaxff was not there.
Then, I downloaded the tar source file of LAMMPS and tried to make reaxff and I get the following error:
make: 'REAXFF' is up to date.

So, would you mind letting me any suggestion how to fix this?


There is an entire section of the LAMMPS manual dedicated to explaining how to correctly compile LAMMPS. What you did is not mentioned.

Simply reading the documentation and following its advice is sufficient.
If you make up commands - like you did - they are not likely to work.