Problem with fix rigid command

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Just running a simple test, when I tried to run the below code with the latest LAMMPS version (11Nov13), the simulation was terminated by the: ERROR: Invalid fix style (…/modify.cpp:714). This error is related with the command: fix 1 sample rigid single. However, with an older LAMMPS version (15Jan10) the same code run well. The detailed running process can be found in attached document. Therefore, I am wondering is there a bug with the fix rigid command for the latest LAMMPS version, or there is something wrong within my code? Thanks.

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units metal
boundary p p p
atom_style atomic
lattice fcc 3.52
region box block 0 10 0 10 0 10
create_box 1 box
region sample sphere 5 5 5 3
create_atoms 1 region sample
group sample region sample
pair_style eam
pair_coeff * * Ni_u3.eam
neighbor 2.0 bin
neigh_modify delay 5
fix 1 sample rigid single
timestep 0.001
run 100

error.txt (1.48 KB)

in.shear (336 Bytes)


have you built your lammps executable with RIGID package?


13.11.2013, 12:10, "jj zh" <[email protected]>:

Hi Oleg,

I didn’t notice that RIGID has become a separated package, thanks for your hint!


2013/11/13 Oleg Sergeev <[email protected]…567…>

Hi Oleg,

I didn't notice that RIGID has become a separated package, thanks for your

...and here is a bonus hint: whenever you update LAMMPS, have a look
at this page
and search for entries labeled with "BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY", those
usually describe things that have changed in incompatible ways (and if
you notice something that is not mentioned but should, let us know)