'Problem with Gulp registration'

This is Md Rifat Hossain, a graduate research fellow of the mechanical engineering department of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh. I need the access to the GULP software for my research purpose. However, whenever I tried to register with my institutional email address, it showed, “The provided email address is not recognised as belonging to an educational institution ”. My institutional email address is [[email protected]]
Even though it is my valid institutional email address, which my University has provided.

As it is important for me to get access to Gulp, I am requesting related personnel with the developer team of GULP to sort out this problem regarding institutional email and help me download the software.

I did not find any hotline/email address on the webpage of GULP to submit my inquiry, which is why I am posting it here.



Md Rifat Hossain

Postgraduate fellow

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology,


Sorry that the domain wasn’t recognised. This has now been fixed.
FYI the best place to send such queries is the GULP email address which is on the last line of the main webpage for GULP where it says “Bug reports and registration queries can be sent to gulpcode at curtin.edu.au, and we will try to respond as soon as is possible”

Thank you very much

This is SiBO ZHAN, a research fellow of the analysis center of agrobiology and environmental sciences ,faculty of agriculture ,life and environment sciences of ZheJiang University . I had the same problem !

Best Regards


I’m afraid there is currently a problem with the GULP website and so things aren’t working as normal. It also means I can’t managed allowed domains either. I’m currently waiting for Curtin IT to provide a fix. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Just wanted to post that the GULP website is now back up and working again & so normal service should be resumed.
Apologies for the delay.