Problem with read_dump command

Hello all,

I was trying to continue a simulation from a previous snapshot using the read_dump command. The system is CoNi alloy with 250000 atoms and I am doing a uniaxial deformation of the system. The dump file had the position and velocity information. The read_dump command correctly reads the x,y and z coordinates but didn’t read the vx, vy and vz information (and assigned 0 to it by default). I have re-read the documentation multiple times and seem to be doing what it says.

I ran the script using both the 6th Dec 12 parallel build compiled using gcc and mpich on Rocks v6.0 (Mamba) and the 21st feb 13 serial build. Moreover, the serial version gave a segmentation fault (Core dumped).

I have attached the input file, dump file and the potential file.Please see if you can reproduce the error or am I just making a mistake.


CoNi.set (331 KB)

in.deform (1.2 KB)

dump.test.rar (5.21 MB)

Can you post the dump file as a non-Windows non-rar file. I can't
unpack it on a Linux box w/out installing software.


I have attached the dump file as a tar file.


dump.test.tar.gz (6.1 MB)

This was a bug in the processing of extra fields for added
atoms. The 22Feb patch should fix it.


Thanks a lot Steve!