Problems about installing lammps with MPI

Dear lammps users

I am having problems building an MPI version of Lammps on a workstation. I installed manybody package and user-reaxc package. Then I only added the full path of mpicxx to “cc” and “LINK” line in compiler/linker settings section as it is seen in the attached picture. Then I typed make mpi in src, I got this error

make[1]: mpicxx: Command not found

make[1]: *** [fix_press_berendsen.o] Error 127

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/lifan/lammps/lammps-10Aug15/src/Obj_mpi’

make: *** [mpi] Error 2

My version is Stable version (10 Aug 2015). Please tell me how to make this error disappear.


Fan Li

mpi file.png

This means mpicxx is not in the directory you specified, or you don’t have access. If you haved used the right module on that workstation, you could just use “mpicxx” by itself without the full path.


Hi everyone

I used root account to run the Makefile.mpi in src without any change. It works.

Thanks Ray

Fan Li

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