Problems using meam potential

Dears Lammps users

I am trying to build an alloy with Pd and Rh using the meam potential. But I don’t know how I can make the input files. I use in the file in.alloy for the line pair_coeff ** /ubication/library Pd Rh /ubiction/secondlibrary Pd Rh but lammps say me did not find all elements in MEAM library file. I search but I don’t understand what is happened


Rosa Osorio

the potentials/library.meam file provided
with LAMMPS has entries for both Pd and Rh,
but you’re not using it. You’re using
your own files. So it’s likely that your
files don’t have the needed entires or
are in the wrong format so LAMMPS is unable
to read it.