problems with “pair_style hybird”

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    I was trying to simulate the phase transformation of NiTiNb,now there are there potential files:NiTi.meam, NiNb.eam.fs, NbTiAl.eam.alloy.How to use them by the command "pair_style hybird"#atom type 1 Ni#atom type 2 Ti#atom type 3 Nbpair_style hybrid meam/c eam/fs eam/alloypair_coeff * * library.meam Ni Ti NiTi.eam Ni Ti Nullpair_coeff 1 3 eam/fs NiNb.eam.fs Ni NULL Nbpari_coeff 2 3 eam/alloy NbTiAl.eam.alloy NULL Ti Nb NULLerror:Pair coeff for hybrid has invalid style

Hope someone give me some advice. Thank you in advance.
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Hi, Man,

I think your pair coeff library.meam does not match with the defined one in pair hybrid as meam/c.
Hope this helps.


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