Progress on 0 Features error?

I would like to use automatminer, but have run into the “0 Features” problem when I try to use the “express” preset. Has any progress been made on getting the error fixed. I did note the post from last November about a possible workaround (Error: Found array with 0 feature(s) - #10 by Jorge_Alonso_Delgado) and it does seem to work (so far), but a more permanent fix would be most welcome. Is any progress being made? Also automatminer seems to depend on older versions of several packages (pymatgen
and hence is missing numerous updates and bug fixes. Will the package dependencies be updated. I tried using more recent dependencies, but problems resulted from the underlying changes, e.g. import statements failed as scikit-learn has moved the scores package location, etc.
Thanks for any updates.


Yes, automatminer will be updated. There are several issues on the matminer repo that needed attention before progress could be made on the automatminer front. See this PR (Superupgrade by ardunn · Pull Request #634 · hackingmaterials/matminer · GitHub) for current progress. Upgrades to automatminer are next