Publishing Models on KIM

Hey Folks,

When preparing a model for KIM, is it possible to upload it but not disseminate it yet?.. For instance, I may want to cite a KIM ID in a manuscript, but may not be comfortable distributing the code until after the work is published.



Hi Thomas,

That’s an excellent question. At the moment, the answer is no. Anything uploaded to is visible to the public. The issue of “private models” has come up before, mostly in the context of proprietary models developed in industry. We have to see whether this can fit into the open source approach adopted by OpenKIM. There are also concerns of liability associated with keeping private models secure on our resources.

You raise an interesting variation on this problem that we have not considered before, i.e. a situation where it is desirable to keep a model private for a limited duration for some reason. It may be possible to come up with a technical solution for that case. We will consider this further and would be happy to discuss this with you and other interested users.



Thanks, I appreciate the consideration. Perhaps there would be a compromise position. Keep all uploaded models public, but maybe allow an ID to be reserved for a certain period of time, so that authors can reference it during the publication process?


That could be a good way to do it. Thanks for the suggestion. -Ellad