Python script to get distance of particles from surface

Hi all,
Now I am creating the Gaussian Density surface of atoms, and I want to get the distance of each atom from the created surface. How can I achieve that?

I guess I have to add compute_distance = Ture, or a new method of ConstructSurfaceModifier.compute_distances, but I don’t know exactly where I should type, could you please help me with that? Thank you so much.

pipeline = import_file("")
	method = ConstructSurfaceModifier.Method.GaussianDensity,
	radius_scaling = 4.2,
	isolevel = 0.6,
	identify_regions = True))

Please have a look at the usage example given here:
If you have trouble setting up the Python code, I can recommend OVITO Pro’s Python Code generator, which easily lets you turn your data pipeline created with the graphical user interface into the corresponding sequence of Python script statements (Python code generator pro — OVITO User Manual 3.9.4 documentation)