Query about restart


The simulation is running now. But according to the lammps manual we have to reuse the fix commands after using read_restart command. Manual says the fixes information are not stored in the restart file. So if I will not use “fix csinfo NULL CS-Info” after the “read_restart restart2” then will there be any loss of information? As I was using coreshell model and in the input file I was using the command

read_data file fix csinfo NULL CS-Info

to read the data file.

Here is a list of information not stored in a restart file, which means you must re-issue these commands in
your input script, after reading the restart file.
• fix commands (see below)
• compute commands (see below)
• variable commands
• region commands
• neighbor list criteria including neigh_modify settings
• kspace_style and kspace_modify settings
• info for thermodynamic, dump, or restart output


Thank You very much Anders Hafreager for your help. Now every thing seems to fine.

If anybody can clarify my doubt about the use of fixes with read_restart command mentioned in the previous mail.



If you have a fix with restart info, the restart file will contain data that will be loaded when you create a fix of the same type with the same ID as in the restart file.

So when writingread_restart file.restart
fix myNVT all nvt temp 300 300 100.0

the fix will read whatever information stored in the restart file IF a fix with type nvt and ID myNVT was used when the write_restart command (or just restart) was executed.