Querying elements to include one wildcard element (ex, A-*-B)


I am wondering how to query data from the Materials Project API to not only include elements I call for, but limit to only one wildcard element? In other words, if I am to call for elements= “In”, “O”, it will return materials that include 1 to 4 different elements in addition to In and O (i.e. Na2Al2In2SiS5O24, BaNbInSnO6, Cs3InO3), so I am wondering how I can limit this to just 1? In the MP search bar on the website, this is done by typing "A--B for one wildcard element, or A--*-B for two wildcard elements, and so forth. However, this syntax does not work with the API obviously.

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Hi Kikin,
It works the same way as the search bar:

from mp_api.client import MPRester
with MPRester('api-key') as mpr:
    data = mpr.summary.search(chemsys='In-O-*', fields=['material_id',  'structure'])

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