Querying specific database versions

Hi Materials Project community,

There have been several updates to the MP database over its history Database Versions | Materials Project Documentation.

Is it possible via the API to query data for a specific database version? I couldn’t find information on this when reading through the documentation.

For example, v2021.11.10. I am interested in training ML models reported in literature on MP data. Due to the possibility of changes in the data since publication, I would like train with data from the same version of the database reported in the paper.


Thanks for reaching out! We are starting to make previous versions of our data collections available for download through our AWS OpenData Repository. You can find details about how to work with this data in our docs and our entry in the OpenData registry. For the time being, these previous versions are not queryable through our mp-api python client but that might change in the future. HTH

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Thank you for this very helpful response!