Question about fix ave/histo

I have total 3840 atoms in the supercell of 10x5x5 system.

I’ve used the following code: ( fix ID group-ID style Nevery Nrepeat Nfreq lo hi Nbin value1 value2 … keyword args …)
: fix histoG_ave O ave/histo 20 100 2000 {xlo} {xhi} ${Nbin_histoG} x file histoG.out mode vector

But, for somehow the data file indicates that the total counted atoms are 96,000 which is exactly 3840 times by 25.

Where does the number 25 exactly came from? and how do I make lammps to only consider the total number of atoms which is 3840.?

Does lammps considers for the ghost atoms as well?

The fix is being called every 20 timesteps during 2000 steps, so for 3840 atoms I would expect a total count of 2000/20*3840 =384000. Do the lo/hi parameters you choose cover the whole x axis?

ahh… thank you so much for your advice.
yes, your expectation is correct indeed.
Total count of 96,000 came from the code that uses different value of Nevery. (sorry for the confusion)

Thanks you