Question about include/exclude lists (filters) in schema annotations

Hey, I have a question about schema annotations (in a schema plugin). I want to hide some quantities from an inherited section, but in the documentation it says that the hide annotation is deprecated. (Schema annotations - Documentation) Thus I use the visible key of the properties annotation with include or exclude lists (filters) instead.
If I use only an include list it works fine, but if I use only an exclude list no quantities at all are displayed (Although I haven’t excluded all of them). Does anyone have experience with this filters and knows if it is possible to use only an exclude list (so it works basically like the hide annotation)?

Hey, The expected result should be exactly what you explained. If there is no include we just exclude from all quantities, but before that make sure there is no include key. include: [ ] is not accepted. Otherwise it is a bug.

Thanks for your fast answer. I’m not sure If I get it totally right.
I thought if I only use the exclude list all quantities are included beside the excluded ones. Short example:

I have the quantities a, b, and c and I write:


I expect the quantities b and c are displayed, but in my case no quantity at all is displayed. Is that correct and wanted?

Bug resolved in the latest update. Now, everything works as expected. Please update and inform us about your experience.

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