[Question] Plans for a light weight manager for jobflow

Are there any plans for a custom manager for jobflow?

I assume there are plans to remove fireworks from the stack at some point. I think a new manager from scratch will have some major advantages.

  • I’m noticing more an more hangs/bugs in atomate2->fireworks workflows as my atomate2 workflows use more and more niche features.
  • Less duplication of capabilities in the tech stack: most of the logic in Fireworks in not longer needed because of jobflow.
  • Possibility of building a nicer webapp for managing the workflows after abandon the old flask app.

I figure a workflow management system will fit very well inside of jobflow.
Some folks have mentioned in passing that they have something basic code for exactly this purpose so I figured I ask about this on the forum so we can consolidate.

Hi, we have recently opened the access to the job manager for jobflow that we developed: GitHub - Matgenix/jobflow-remote: jobflow-remote is a Python package to run jobflow workflows on remote resources.
The documentation is still incomplete at the moment, but should be enough to get started: Jobflow Remote user guide — Jobflow Remote v0.0.1 Manual

Issues and bugs should be expected at this stage, but it has been used by a few people for some time now to run atomate2 workflows.

Comments and feedback are welcome. In particular it would be interesting to know if it can properly handle the cases where fireworks fails that you mentioned in the first point.

@gpetretto Thanks this this exactly what I was looking for!