Hi, My name is Jun Liu, and currently I am a post-doc of University of
Michigan, and my doctor research direction is focused on studying the
relation between the structure and property of polymer nanocomposites
through LAMMPS molecular dynamics simulation. Now I turn to simulate and
predict the self-assembly kinetics of lock and key colloids, Janus
particles and so on. Recently I have an issue to consult you:

For elastomeric polymer materials, there exists a speciality definition
"hysteresis loss", which is referred to a cycle of extension and
retraction, and the energy loss is equal to the area size of the hysteresis
loop, such as automobile tires. Then my question is how to simulate such a
kind of mechanical behavior of elastomeric polymer materials(the cycle of
uniaxial extension and retraction) through LAMMPS, note that the Possion's
ratio is equal to be approximately 0.5. Can you give me some guidances and
advice? What kind of commands in LAMMPS should I use? Your kind help will
be greatly appreciated.

Have a good day
Jun Liu

I gave my answer to this Q to you off-line (use fix deform),
but maybe others have comments on this topic ...