questions about nphug

Dear all,

I am using “fix nphug” to study shock wave energy dissipation. My command reads as below:

fix myhug all nphug temp 1.0 1.0 10.0 x 78953.861 78953.861 1000.0 (units real)

When I output “f_myhug” using the thermo_style command, does this “f_myhug” correspond to “E(H) = E0 + 0.5(P+P0)(V+V0)” or “E(H) - E”?

The manual says that the scalar quantity that this fix output is equal to the “cumulative energy change due to the fix”.

Can you also please tell me In nphug, if the conserved quantity “E(H)” or “E(H) - E”?


See response to subsequent repeated question.