Re: [lammps-users] Fix widom question

If you dump with group all you should have one line per atom
in the system at that timestep.


The number of atoms/particles in the system is constant during Widom insertions and it is equal to the initial number of atoms/particles before attempting any Widom insertion. You are still in an N-V(or P)-T(or E) statistical ensemble. This is in contrast to grand canonical monte carlo where the number of particles in the system is allowed to fluctuate. If you include in the “thermo_style” command the argument “atoms” you will see that the number of particles/atoms is indeed constant.

The main idea behind Widom insertion is to place a test molecule/atom in several spatial locations of the simulation box, compute the energy of inserting the test molecule/atom in the system and then estimate the excess chemical potential based on a suitable average of the energy of insertion. See for instance for more details.

Hope it helps

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