Read ASE's trajectory

Dear Developer,

I wonder if Ovito can read ASE’s trajectory or if you have a plan to implement this feature?


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Not yet. OVITO Pro and the OVITO Python module can read ASE database files, see here, but not trajectory files. However, that’s something we could add quite easily, I think. Is this a capability you would be interested in?

Dear @stukowski,

I would like to see such a feature in Ovito.
Hope you are also interested in implementing this and have a plan in the near future.

Thank you.

Well, things have been moving very fast. In fact, we have already implemented this feature in the new release OVITO 3.9.0, which is available since today. See here: Changelog — OVITO User Manual 3.9.0 documentation


Dear @stukowski

It sounds great. I will check.
Thank you so much for your contribution.