read_dump; Cannot open file

I want to read dump files already generated to compute xrd.
My dump files is in format: dump.compress.*
where *=0,2000,4000 … timestep

But when i use the command:

rerun dump.compress dump x y z

i get error message

ERROR on proc 0: Cannot open file dump.compress (…/reader.cpp:60)

The command runs if i give a specific file name like dump.compress.6000


This is really self-explanatory…

You cannot open a dump file called “dump.compess” because it’s not there, there are only dump files called “dump.compress.*”. That is also why it works if you use dump.compress.6000. How is LAMMPS supposed to know that by “dump.compress” you actually mean dump.compress.0, dump.compress.2000, etc.?

You can work around this by typing in all the time steps by hand, or looping in LAMMPS, or looping in some external script over all the file names. (Or you could write an extension to rerun that accepts a *-syntax just like the dump command (and submit it ;)).