Regarding analysis using OVITO

Iam analysing the crystal structure of CoFeNiPd alloy.Iam visualizing it using OVITO.I want to export the data of FCC in every frame through out my Simulation likewise the other structures data (BCC.HCP…)also.Is it possible to do so using OVITO.If so how do we do it ?

School of Minerals,Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology,Bhubaneswar

Yes it is possible. I will note dumping data or outputting data every frame can be very expensive for any run of appreciable length. Please look at the dump command in the documentation.

Please remember that it is LAMMPS mailing list guidelines to have given the documentation and examples a thorough read before posting here.

I will also point out that OVITO has a support forum as well if you find yourself struggling with the particulars of OVITO.