regarding EAM potential capability

Dear all,

I was trying to see the strain-strain behavior of copper, just to play with lammps and to learn lammps script. The interatomic potential was described by EAM coper by Mishini et al. I was applying strain rate within hydrostatic limit, the script which is very popular as well,


I read Mishini's paper regarding the EAM Cu, 

but not clear to me that with the EAM can I 
not get the plastic deformation region ? 
Even in case of NEMD where we study Cu beyond
hydrostatic limit, is it possible to get the
plastic deformation region from P vs specific volume curve ? 

These are not really LAMMPS Qs. Finding relevant papers
in the literature is a better guide than the mail list.


The script is for Al, and yet you are comparing it to Cu. No surprise there if they don’t match.