Region move command lammps

I am using region sphere move command but the region is not moving at all, Why is that?

There is not enough information here to give any advice.

You need to demonstrate a) how you are applying the command. best with a minimal but complete input example and b) how you determine that LAMMPS is not doing what its documentation says it would do.

In most cases when people report unexpected behavior it means that have not read the documentation with sufficient care and thus either have the wrong expectations or are not using the command correctly.

variable nsteps equal 2140000
variable dy equal (400)*(step)/(4000000)

region movingCyl cylinder z 56 56 12 58 EDGE move v_dy NULL NULL
group heating dynamic all region movingCyl every 1
fix laser all ehex 1 500 region movingCyl

This does not contain much additional information and does not really address what I asked for.
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