Relaxation time vs temperature in amset

Dear Developer,

As deformation potential approach is used to determine the scattering rate. So is there any provision to plot the relaxation time vs temperature in amset?

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Dear community,

If you have any answer regarding the above query about relaxation time, kindly tell me.

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Hi @Sumit,

The scattering rate in AMSET is band and k-dependent so its not clear which scattering rate you mean. But you can plot the k-dependent rate at multiple temperatures if you want using the in-built plotters.

You should follow the instructions to:

  1. Generate the DFT input: Calculation Inputs - AMSET Documentation
  2. Run AMSET: Getting Started - AMSET Documentation

Ensure that write_mesh: true is set in the settings.yaml file.

Finally, you can plot the scattering rates at multiple temperatures using amset plot rates.