run lammps on mac -homebrew


I wanted to know how to try and run a lammps example on mac os x using homebrew on a single processor?

I installed lammps using homebrew just as the steps noted on the website. I reached the point where to test lammps by typing ( brew test lammps -v ) and it did work with no error. I want to try examples to understand the program better. My attempt to do so is the following:
I want to lammps/example directory through: cd /usr/local/share/lammps/examples
and then listed some examples: ls
I choose the ELASTIC example directory and choose the file in.elastic to run. through: lammps -in in.elastic and this was the output: PMIx has detected a temporary directory name that results in a path that is too long for the Unix domain socket

I tried running the example through (lmp_linux and mpi ) commands but it says that the command is not found.

please help I really don’t know anything about the program…and I want to test an example in a single-processer before trying working on parallel
Any help is appreciated, Thanks !!


please report issues with homebrew installed software to the homebrew project.

otherwise, you can try to compile/install manually from the instructions in the LAMMPS manual. however, it looks like you should make certain, that you get some local(!) assistance by somebody that has experience in compiling and running software from the command line.

nothing of what you are reporting below appears to be cause by LAMMPS itself.