Running child firework - fizzled parent

For each of my task in my workflow I would like to send an email of the result.
I am trying to do this without modifying the source code.
For each task - I add a child that has _allow_fizzled_parents = true.
Here is a basic test:

The email is working correctly for fireworks that complete but for fireworks that fizzle
I can not access the spec of the parent.

I am wondering if there is a way to access the spec of a fizzled firework? Or is there a simpler way to run the emailerTask for each firework?

Thank you,

Hi Thomas,

The spec of a fizzled parent firework should be available in the "_fizzled_parents" key rather than the "_job_info" key.

There is a little bit more information here:

I would suggest that your Emailer task check to see if either "_job_info" or "_fizzled_parents" is in fw_spec and use what is available.