Running FireWorks on LLNL clusters

I’m part of a PSAAP-3 project at Stanford and I’m hoping to use FireWorks to coordinate large ensembles of simulations. We have access to a variety of DOE clusters, but are focusing on LLNL’s Lassen to start. I am trying to determine where we should host the MongoDB server for use with FireWorks. Does anyone have experience running MongoDB on LLNL resources? Ideally, I’d like to use LLNL’s storage rather than having to build our own server.

We don’t have a ton of experience running on LLNL. Some people at LLNL that have reached out to me earlier are:

Otto Venezuela
Dan Laney
Stephen Herbein
Mark Miller

In particular I believe Otto told me he got it working, but would be best to double-check with him.

Thanks Anubhav! Otto helped us get everything setup at LLNL. I’m looking forward to using FireWorks at scale.