Save the SummaryDoc as a json File

Hi everyone,
I am inexperienced with API’s so maybe this has a really simple solution.
I was trying to save the data that I get through the function in json format. I am trying to do this because I wish to pass on the summary data into a Matlab script I am working on, and thought using json would be the easiest way to do so. I am open to trying out other formats if they’re more helpful.

I use the following code

#thenext line basically exists so that i can enter a material_id in the console when i run this python script
with MPRester(MP_API_KEY) as mpr:
    Preformatted textyour_material=[mat_id],fields=list_of_properties,all_fields=False)[0]

and get the following error message:
TypeError: Object of type ‘Composition’ is not JSON serializable

I have tried other ways of achieving this , for example:


which causes the error
TypeError: Object of type Element is not JSON serializable

so if anyone has any tips or suggestion for me I would greatly appreciate it!

Hi @mprester_time,

You can use monty (which is already installed if you are using the MPRester):

from monty.serialization import loadfn, dumpfn

dumpfn(your_object, "your_filename.json") # or .json.gz

This uses the MontyEncoder and MontyDecoder to automatically convert the relevant objects, like Composition, to JSON.

Hope this helps!


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