Segmentation fault by using 'fix rigid' command

Hi, LAMMPSians,

I am trying to use ‘fix rigid’ command to fix the angular velocity of two ends for a nanowire bending. However, it turns out an error ‘Segmentation fault’ in the middle of the simulation (5 to 7 million steps of the 8 million steps in all) in one node and the whole modeling crashs abnormally.

The version of LAMMPS i use is C++ version (7 Dec 2010). I am running the LAMMPS in parallel (16 nodes and 128 cores). The configuration of every noed is two Intel Xeon 5450 Quad-Core CPU, 3.0GHz, 32GB main memory for each node. The OS version they use is RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 x86_64.

The number of atoms in the simulation is about 1 million. I have used LAMMPS and the cluster to model more than 2 million atoms in tensile test before. And there is no problem. I’ve no idea the simulation are running out of address space.

The input manuscript is attached as below:

Please try it with the most current version of LAMMPS?


2011/4/5 Wenpeng Zhu <[email protected]...>: