Segmentation fault when running parallel on server with slurm

Hi Julian,

I managed to parallel install gulp using " ./mkgulp -m " command under /Src.
Attached is my mkgulp file and install log:
mkgulp (10.2 KB)
log.txt (18.8 KB)

I install and run it in a conda env “gulp”, here is the gcc version and conda list:

And these are my submit script and the output error information. (200 Bytes)
slurm-10951.out (1.8 KB)

Do you have any idea that how could I fix this error?


Because the error appears to be a seg fault we would need to see your input file (and know what version of the code you are using) to check whether it’s a real problem or something to do with the installation. If you can post your input, then I’ll investigate further.

I am using gulp-6.0, and the input file is just the example1.gin in source codes.
example1.gin (523 Bytes)

Since you were running example1, I can be pretty sure that the problem is not a bug in GULP since example1 is the first file to be tested after any build. I’ve just downloaded the tarball from the website, compiled on Mac using gfortran 11 and openmpi. Everything works fine. It’s also fine on our national supercomputer under Linux with Intel (MPI, MKL, ifort). Therefore I suspect it must be something to do with the compilation on your system & perhaps whether all of the versions of the packages are compatible. Unfortunately without access to your machine it’s hard to determine what is not quite right. Sorry.