Segmentation Fault while working with kolmogorov/crespi/full

Dear lammps-users,

I am trying to use pair_style kolmogorov/crespi/full from the patch 30th March, 2018 release of lammps (from github). I have attached the input file. While the kolmogorov/crespi/z works for me with this release, the kolmogorov/crespi/full shows segmentation fault. I want to use this potential to compute forces/energies between two graphene layers.

Is the stable version due very soon ? Can anyopne please help me.

Thanks for you attention

in.lammps (1.52 KB)

C.lcbop (3.89 KB)

CC.KC (368 Bytes)

this has *nothing* to do with releasing a stable version, but
everything with you not studying the documentation sufficiently
here is an excerpt: