Set atom-style variable

please *always* copy the mailing list on your replies. thanks.

Sorry, I am working with LIGGGHTS but the set with atom-style variable is a

if you don't say that you use LIGGGHTS, you waste people's time.

LAMMPS function maybe I should have used a different set command as a sample
but the question remain the same,

if you want a "LAMMPS" answer, formulate a problem that works with
LAMMPS. otherwise post your question to a forum suitable for LIGGGHTS
questions. please also note, that LAMMPS functionality in LIGGGHTS is
only updated occasionally, so you may be looking for a feature, that
does not (yet) exist in LIGGGHTS. again, using your forum wisely and
providing a simple working test input are paramount in getting good
help. the more work your require from somebody in order to help you,
the less likely you are to get help. regardless of whether your
problem/question is well justified or not.