Sh: ElaStic_Setup_ESPRESSO: command not found

Hi All,

I recently started setting up ElaStic and came across an odd issue when I included the command line “$ ElaStic_Setup”. The error message stated was:

sh: ElaStic_Setup_ESPRESSO: command not found

However, I was able to locate ElaStic_Setup_ESPRESSO in my directory. I followed all of the instructions from the README file but there might be something missing from my end that I can’t seem to figure out.

Thank you very much in advance!

Dear ShaunTay,

I can suggest you to check if the file ElaStic_Setup_ESPRESSO is an executable one. In addition you can also check if the directory in which ElaStic_Setup_ESPRESSO is located is in the path of executable or python-executable files.

Yours sincerely,
Pasquale Pavone (exciting team)

Thank you so much for the reply. Yes, I tried that a few times, but that doesn’t seem to help out. Could you elaborate on what you meant by “checking if the directory is in the path of executable”?

The way I went about downloading it was by creating the $ElaSticROOT" shell variable and adding the “ElaStic” path in the .bashrc file.