Sharing unpublished data

I have a couple of questions.

  1. I have been using the test repository and fake published some data there. How do I delete it? As with the actual repository, the option to delete disappeared when I published. Everything I place on the test site can (and should) be deleted though.

  2. I am trying to share a real NOMAD upload with a collaborator. I would like for him to see it and review everything there and how it looks before we make it public. If I do not publish the data, he cannot see the full set and download, even if I share the dataset with him. If I do publish the data, he can download the data and see everything. But if he has comments and we want to change something, I can no longer delete the data because it has been published. I can use an embargo so that only he can view the full dataset, but I still am not able to delete it.

Is there a way to share the full dataset between users in a way that still lets me delete it if I want to? If not, can I use the test website for this purpose? I’m not sure if sharing works there or what the functionality of the test repository is.


Welcome @mdvorak. I apologise for the late reply (see our email correspondence).

You are right, once an upload is published, it cannot be deleted anymore. This is the indented behavior. Data publishing should be similar to paper publishing, where you cannot change your publications later. In case of serious errors, exceptions can be discussed of course. We are resetting the test site from time to time, but there is no fixed schedule.

If you share the data with another NOMAD user, he should be able to see and download everything, before it was published. Be aware that he can only see shared entries (calculations) and datasets build from these entries, e.g. on his “Your data” page or if you send him the URL of a dataset. He will not see the upload on his upload page. The upload only belongs to the uploader. To share data you have to use the “shared with” field when editing entries. Making him a co-author is not enough. Obviously he needs to be logged in. See also “Sharing data” in our FAQ:

If NOMAD is not behaving like this, please let me know your usernames, maybe a link to your dataset, upload id or one entries id and I investigate whats going wrong.