Simple simulation project

I have looked far and wide. But unfortunately, there is no expertise around me. Yes, there are several experts, but they are not interested in this field. However, I watched a Udemy course about LAMMPs. I thoroughly read the documentation.
Can anyone suggest a simple simulation project with which I can start? Is there a way for me to find a mentor outside of my nation and study under his knowledge?

I find that very hard to believe. It is more likely that people just don’t want to spend the time on training somebody that is not working for them.

What is “this field”?

That is not likely a sufficient training to do research and simulations on your own. What is your level of training in fields like statistical mechanics and statistical thermodynamics? Video courses are often quite deceptive in giving you an exaggerated feeling of competence. That may work for pure theoretical applications, but MD simulations are as much a craft and thus require a lot of practical experience.
The fact that you are asking for a simulation project is a good start. But you should also spend time on reading suitable text books. Some are listed here: Books about Molecular Dynamics generally or LAMMPS specifically

There are some LAMMPS tutorials listed here: LAMMPS Tutorials

Please talk to your adviser to find a suitable collaborator. It is not likely to find somebody willing to personally tutor without having some benefit (e.g. publications, work on a common subject of study) from it. Back in the time before YouTube and Google joining the group of a collaborator with expertise in MD simulation for a while was the canonical way to get this kind of expertise.

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As I can’t find any program related to LAMMPS in my country, I would like to pursue courses from abroad. During the preparation time for studying abroad (IELTS, GRE), I want to keep myself engaged in learning as much as I can. I hope your suggested books and tutorials will help me a lot.
Thank you for your valuable suggestions and consideration.

You don’t need to learn LAMMPS. You need to learn Molecular Dynamics (MD). It is a mistake to mix up the specific application with the methodology. LAMMPS is just one of many software packages that implements MD and many of the simulations done with one package can be done with several others. Each of them has special features, but at the beginner level, all of them are equivalent since in many ways the authors learned how to implement their software from more or less the same sources.

I have yet to find a country or academic institution where there is nobody capable of teaching statistical mechanics and thermodynamics and thus knows at least some basics about MD technology and uses one of the popular MD packages. I’ve been teaching classes and lecturing at workshops at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics for almost 20 years, and I have met in the course of these activities scientist at all levels from a very large number of countries and from all continents except antarctica.

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Adding my 2 cents: what helped me most in the initial stage was to write a simple MD code from scratch. So if you want a suggestion for the initial project it would be your own code for e.g. a Lennard-Jones system. Going straight for some existing software package is confusing for a beginner.