Simulating a composite with nanoparticles in LAMMPS

I intend simulating CaO with added nano silica (SiO2). I’m wondering if LAMMPS has a command that creates nanoparticles distinct from macroscales. That is, how can LAMMPS create or read nano SiO2 as different from its SiO2 counterpart? Can someone give some insight please?

Before providing some suggestions, can you please elaborate on more details of your system and what you understand is the difference between nano SiO2 and regular SiO2?

LAMMPS’ system building facilities are rather limited and that is a deliberate choice. Many complex systems are better built with domain specific tools and then exported in to a data file that can be read by LAMMPS. The built-in facility in LAMMPS (create_atoms) can put atoms or molecules on predefined lattice points within a given predefined region (or the entire box).

Please see

Thanks Axel. I’m looking toward improving the thermophysical properties of the CaO, for which the nanosize rather than the regular is important. That’s the curiosity. I’m not sure if I answered you.
However, it seems more expedient to build from outside LAMMPS and export. Thanks for the link to the those processing tools. A glance at TopoTools looks a kind of what I might like.