Size of Different particles

Hello Sir,
is it possible in ovito output size of spherical particles according to set diameter… ??

Sorry, I have difficulties understanding your question. Could you please describe in some more detail what you would like to do? Do you want to export the radius (or the diameter) of each particle in OVITO to a text file?

Thank you for your response… actually, my defined spherical particle in lammps code are with different diameters. could be show in lammps as different sizes as defined… when i open my file in ovito , look same size…

Ovito can read the particle sizes from the imported file. But you have to pay attention to the file format that you are using and that it really contains the particle size information.

Which file format do you use for the data transfer between LAMMPS and OVITO?

i am using this…

LAMMPSTRJ File (.lammpstrj)

This means, most likely, that you are using the native dump file format of LAMMPS (dump style “custom”). Please have a look at this table listing the mapping of output per-particle quantities to corresponding particle properties in OVITO:

You should make sure that either “radius” or “diameter” included in the output fields of the dump custom command in your LAMMPS script. When you import the dump file in OVITO, the program will map the values to the “Radius” particle property and the spherical particles should automatically appear with the correct sizes.

Thank you sir, i have done