SLLOD equations and Velocity Verlet

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I wonder if anyone knows whether the thermostatted SLLOD equations for shear flow are implemented with the velocity Verlet algorithm or whether it acn be used with a multiple time-step algorithm? According the manual it is implemented with a velocity verlet algorithm but the formulation is a bit cryptic.

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Sten Sarman

What is cryptic about this?

"As implemented in LAMMPS, they are coupled to a Nose/Hoover chain
thermostat in a velocity Verlet formulation, closely following the
implementation used for the fix nvt command."

2015-11-11 5:51 GMT-07:00 <[email protected]...>:

And fix nvt is setup to work with rRESPA in LAMMPS if that’s also what you asking.
Aidan can verify …


Yes, since fix nvt works with rRESPA, so too does fix nvt/sllod.