[Solved] All jobs completed, but qlaunch stuck

I submitted 299 jobs bu command
qlaunch rapidfire -m 0 --nlaunches infinite --sleep 5

After some time 296 were completed, 3 were fizzled, and I archived them.
Then I cannot run any job if I use -m parameter of ‘qlaunch rapidfire’ reasonably finite.
when I launch
qlaunch rapidfire -m 4 --nlaunches infinite --sleep 5
it only repeatedly reports

2022-05-18 10:33:56,157 INFO 12 jobs in queue. Maximum allowed by user: 4
2022-05-18 10:33:56,159 INFO Finished a round of launches, sleeping for 5 secs

lpad detect_unreserved and lpad detect_lostruns detects no job.
Could you please give me advice how can I restore my ability to submit without resetting launchpad? I don’t want to lose those data

I found reason and will reply for myself so another person having same problem can find it:
I submitted some tasks through usual qsub without fireworks, and they are also counted for jobs maximum.