some problems about compiling with openKIM


I’ve encountered some problems with compiling with openKIM (openkim-api-v1.1.0) and Intel compiler.
I exported two paths in .bashrc:
export KIM_DIR=~/openkim-api-v1.1.0
export KIM_INTEL="yes"
and echo the test “echo “ex_model_Ar_P_MLJ_CLUSTER_C” | ./ex_test_Ar_free_cluster_CLUSTER_F90” successfully.
After installing KIM package (make yes-kim) and compiling the whole lammps(lammps-31Jul12 ), I encountered lots of errors.

Here is the error message:

Hi Linda,

If you look at the LAMMPS bug fix page (, you’ll see under “12 Aug 2012” that pair_kim.cpp has just recently been updated to work with v.1.1.0 of the KIM API. Let me know if there are still compile issues after you update your pair_kim.cpp.

Dan Karls